samurai champloo music mix: AZUMA KAGAMI

by Antiskill Nara

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The music of Samurai Champloo possesses an uncommon strength of emotion and personality. The goal of this tribute was not merely to compile a "greatest hits" playlist from the soundtrack, but to weave this richly narrative music into a story of its own.


released December 17, 2013

Mixed by Antiskill Nara. Cover photo edited by NPC #23, originally appeared in "Portraits of Japanese Kabuki Actors and Geisha" by unknown photographer (ca. 1870)

Songs Used:

>> Lullabies of the Lost <<
Masafumi Takada - 旅の終わりに
Force of Nature - Just Forget
Nujabes - Aruarian Dance
Tsutchie ft. AZUMA RIKI - FLY
Nujabes ft. MINMI - Who's Theme
Force of Nature - Mist
Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician - Ole
Tsutchie - Numbernine [Back in TYO]

>> Beatbox Bandits <<
Masafumi Takada - Jumble Song
Force of Nature - Loading Zone
Force of Nature - Sneak Chamber
Masafumi Takada - Unbelievable Thing
Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician - No Way Back
Nujabes - The Space Between Two World
Tsutchie - 2 Messages
Nujabes - Silver Morning
Masafumi Takada - Blood and Site
Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician - Bracelet

>> Evanescent Encounter <<
Tsutchie - Thank You
Tsutchie ft. Kazami - You
Nujabes - Mystline
Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician - In Position
Tsutchie - Process
Force of Nature - Death Wish
Nujabes - Sanctuary Ship
Nujabes ft. Shing02 - Battlecry
Nujabes ft. MINMI - 四季ノ唄




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